Coffee is an $80 Billion Industry

Deep-dive the lucrative coffee market and discover endless possibilities for franchise success.
The Industry

The Coffee Industry: Current Market Size and Future Growth

The United States coffee market’s annual revenue exceeds $80 billion, with the coffee shop market specifically accounting for around $28 billion. This is expected to grow by 4% annually, driven by changing consumer habits due to busy lifestyles and long work hours, which are creating a greater demand for on-the-go coffee options. American consumers highly value premium products, especially in their daily coffee choices, leading to a preference for high-quality coffee establishments that prioritize consistency.
Consumer preferences for unique coffee experiences, high-quality beans, specialty drinks, and sustainable practices are causing a shift away from major chains, and more towards locally owned and environmentally responsible brands such as Aroma Joe’s.
Sources: Statista and Mordor Intelligence.

The Need is Real, People

The average American drinks 1.87 cups of coffee per day, while 47% of Americans aged 18 to 24 consume coffee.
Source: Statista
1.87 Per Day
The average number of cups of coffee consumed by Americans daily.
4% Per Year
Annual growth projections as reported by Mordor Intelligence.
Market Positioning

Aroma Joe's Unique Market Position and Competitive Advantages

At Aroma Joe’s, we distinguish ourselves in the industry through our carefully crafted coffee blends and unparalleled community engagement. Some of our top franchisees have emerged from watching their teenage and college-aged children, who are hooked on the unique experience Aroma Joe’s offers. It’s not uncommon for a dedicated customer to transition into a franchisee role because they have firsthand experience of what makes our brand thrive.
“It’s more about helping the people around us, whether they’re customers or staff… I’ve really enjoyed teaching and coaching our young people, helping them grow not just as baristas but as individuals too. The Aroma Joe’s community is about making a positive impact, and that’s what got me into it.” – Multi-Unit Franchisee: Rob Hanson
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Unmatched Culture & Customer Service

We encourage our employees to express their individuality by creating an environment without uniforms or a strict atmosphere. Happy employees lead to happy customers, and our reviews reflect that.
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Community Engagement & Locally-Owned Feel

Consumers choose coffee shops that align with their social values. Aroma Joe’s is dedicated to building a strong sense of community, which is fundamental to our entire system and culture.
Source: Foursquare
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